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April 3, 2006 by XX
This is inspired by certain blog, "how to destroy America".

I have read this blog entry and surprised on this person's anti-multi culture stance.

I completely disagree with this blogs point. Diversity had been and always will be America's strongest strength. Why? Let's start with this farming example...

Irish country had a great staple crop, potatoes. They grew this EVERYWHERE. They hardly grow anything else at all. It may have simplified farming, and hey if you like potatoes a lot, tha...
February 21, 2004 by XX

This is an interesting article; it made me think quite a bit about my experience with racism.

Yes, I am a white man.

I am NOT free from certain degree of racism. I feel slightly more nervous when I see a black person. Does it make me a bad person, a person that is a member of KKK? No.

Why then? I had to think back many years back. About 20 years in fact. I was about 5-6 years old.

We were very poor then. I remember my home w...
January 19, 2004 by XX
I'm sure that everyone has heard about Michael Jackson and the case.

I don't know much about Michael Jackson's case or whether it's true or not, but I have noticed that there is a lot of people on either the "guilty" and "not guilty" sides.

Now, there are few people that know what is really going on, but that many?

There were many people that supported Michael Jackson, or the court against Michael Jackson, more that would plausible know the true, being opposites of each other besides, s...