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What does potatoes do with society?
Published on April 3, 2006 By XX In Philosophy
This is inspired by certain blog, "how to destroy America".

I have read this blog entry and surprised on this person's anti-multi culture stance.

I completely disagree with this blogs point. Diversity had been and always will be America's strongest strength. Why? Let's start with this farming example...

Irish country had a great staple crop, potatoes. They grew this EVERYWHERE. They hardly grow anything else at all. It may have simplified farming, and hey if you like potatoes a lot, that's great too. They did this for pretty long time without any problem... then...

Plague hit the potatoes. They couldn't save any potatoes. Pretty much entire crop were ruined.

And they didn't grow anything else. It caused a great famine. It killed lot of Irish people.

Get the idea? Mono culture may be simpler, with better unitary strength, but... something can wipe the entire mono culture and leave America in bad position. So, which is stronger and more resistant to changes? Multi-cultures. Don't grow one crop. Grow many different kinds, so if your entire crop of corns got wiped out, you still got potatoes, as well as tomatoes, wheat, beets, etc etc...

on Apr 03, 2006
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on Apr 04, 2006

I think you are confusing culture with ethnicity.  For all the ranting and raving about Multi-culture, America is really not (with minor exceptions).  It is an amalgamation of many cultures to create an American Culture.  Distinct from any other on this planet.

And dont worry about the weird analogy part.  George Orwell beat you to it.

on Apr 05, 2006
if you're saying I'm anti-culture, nothing can be further from the truth. I am such a mixed bag starting with my great great grandmother being a full blooded American Indian. I have English, French and Italian blood to boot. My great grandfather came here from Italy. My husband's grandfather spoke broken German and we have a rich German heritage from him his daugher, my husband's mother.

So there goes that theory.

Also, you may remember the saying....United we stand, divided we fall. Does that ring a bell?