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what would it be like?
Published on July 1, 2010 By XX In Humor

Suppose a company formed a city for some reason. What would you suppose that city would be like?

First, pick a company, name the city, then put in whatever you want for list of traits for that city.


For example, I pick McDonald's.

City name: McDonald City

City layout: The main street is double curved, just like arches on McDonald's logo! That street is also yellow colored, with black strips to separate lines of cars. All houses are required to have red roofs.

What's family life like: Like normal, but only food allowed is McDonald's meals.

What's school like: Teachers must dress like that clown, and all meals are McDonald's happy meals (of course)

What's law like? Not much changes, besides from dietary triangle composition is Soda, Chicken, Hamburgers and Fries. Oh and roofs must be red. All clowns must dress like that clown.

What's TV like?: No other food ads is allowed besides from McDonald's. In fact, if any food not McDonald's will be digitally altered to look like McDonald's good.

Have fun!

on Jul 02, 2010

Hmm looks like nobody had any ideas? Oh well.

on Jan 29, 2012

It would be pretty funny if Apple built a city that was actually a factory they run through subcontractors where they make all those cool Apple products with Chinese slave laborers who have to commit suicide to get a pay raise.

Wow I guess it's a good things companies don't build their own cities.