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September 16, 2008 by XX
With all politician that is from indifferent to outright anti-science view on science lately, I am getting concerned. After all, with right events and decisions, it will only take three generations to undo the science work of many generations.


Now, here's my question. Do you want to be the first generation towards that? One to welcome old kind of life, including both good and bad aspects, you can't have one without other. If not, we really do need to start p...
November 2, 2004 by XX
In my previous article about annoyances of being deaf, I have shown few things that annoys me.

What does this have to do with voting? I just met one of officers that had syndrome of one of described annoyances.

I had to sign "writing" 5 times before the lady understood that I can't lip-read. That was very annoying to me. Anyone have any problems with voting?

Anyway I have voted and now awaits the results.
October 23, 2004 by XX
I did some research on Patriot Act II and it is indeed extremely BAD news if you are concerned about the freedom.

"Privacy Invasions. USAPA II dramatically widens the powers of government to invade the privacy of Americans and others living here. This includes: "

"Gag Orders and Increased Governmental Secrecy. The "sunshine of public review" is a key check on abuses of governmental power. But USAPA II makes it even harder for the public to evaluate what the government is doing with its bro...
September 30, 2004 by XX
I always wondered about the polls. News always show them, websites has em, etc.

The polls usually is very accurate and truthful. (I said usually!) However, what is truthful can also lie too. It's kind of like one of those statements that is truthful but intent or content is distorted.

You say, "Hey! How can it possibly be truthful and deceitful?" Basically, it goes like this: For example, a poll may show that 35% of people prefer to eat road kills and 40% likes to eat roadkill only if it...
September 5, 2004 by XX
Source is in link. He has already catagorically stated that if elected he will raise taxes!

That's not always a bad thing. President Clinton did the same, it was unpopular, but he did really well then.

After all, it's all about balancing the budget. If I was USA government with my current income of $350 a month, ratio-wise not actual, government can't run on just 350 a month! Suppose I spent about $600 dollar per month by borrowing all the banks, and using all the original $350 a month t...