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February 10, 2006 by XX
Theres no difference between Theory and Theory you say? How about this: Gay meant person prefers same sex people over opposite sex. But it also means happy. You can literally say "I knew a really gay gay person." and it would be a proper English sentence.

So that blows up the argument that word always means the same to everyone out the water. What's next? Ah the definations...

Now, I'll start off with common meaning of the word "Theory". Basically, it's just a guess. "My theory is that thi...
May 20, 2004 by XX
I just got the e-mail, and it was good news.

I have been volunteering to teach a basic Windows XP class for a while, although it rarely sets up with enough people to actually start, I will start teaching a class soon, because there are enough signed up people, finally.

Well, the good news is that I am being paid to do it now. The pay is 10 bucks an hour, and about 8 hours a month. I will certainly need the extra money.

Which school or college, you say? It's neither, actually. It's orga...