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July 1, 2007 by XX
I always liked using Linux, and many of its solutions and designs work very well for me. That is, till there is any hint of WIRELESS. That word seems to be a bane word or what Krypton is to superman, for Linux. Wireless never worked well with Linux, and more or less all network managers manages wireless very badly. For example some network managers doesn't even support WPA. I always got frustrated with wireless, sometimes almost to point of throwing laptop out of window. Yes, THAT ...
July 1, 2007 by XX
For some reason, tweakvista refuses to install on my computer. It always says error 2343, but when I manually extracted the files and installed directly from MSI file, it goes fine to point then says to the effect that install is already in progress and I have to switch back to that installation, but the problem is that there is no other program running at that time? Argh! Forgot to add this... When install fails, the hard drive light stays on and busy ALL time afterwards till I reboot the...
May 4, 2007 by XX
Anyone else tried Ubuntu 7.04? It runs BETTER on my old 700 MHz laptop with 256 MB ram that older version! I tried turning on that feature that all windows is rendered separately then layered into desktop? I forgot what name it is for Linux version. Is it called desktop composition or something like that? It was very slow, but it was unsurprising since it have a 8 MB video card in it. I checked out Gnome, it was very nice improvement, but still very controlling on customizability, which ...
November 15, 2006 by XX
Where can I find this for less than $60? It's old ram after all, and I don't want to pay high price for it. I got a old laptop I want to upgrade. Thanks. pc100 SO-Dimm 256 mb
January 28, 2006 by XX
For some reason, each time I reboot my laptop, it reverts back to 800x600. I want to keep it at *edit* 1024x768. DOH I meant 1024x768 and not 800x600.
November 23, 2005 by XX
Dumb: Hello! This is **** tech support. My name is dumb and how can I help you? Me: Hello. I just bought this wireless network PC card, and it worked, but first time I removed it, it got fried and it won't work anymore, no lights turns on and windows don't even detect it anymore. Dumb: I see, now click on the bars by the clock... Me: There's no bars since windows won't detect the broken card. Dumb: OK now go to network connections and double click the wireless icon. Me: There's no...
May 24, 2005 by XX
Lately I get all dialog windows at bottom right corner of windows and not at center of the window. Anyone know why that happens?
March 31, 2005 by XX
I have been having this problem for a while. I'm not sure what's happening. Take a look at this picture: See the difference? The one at left is the player. It's not a player bug, however. It happens on all of the media players. When it takes a snapshot and saves to the file, the snapshot looks perfect?? What the hell? Hopefully someone will know what is going on. It's annoying.
December 9, 2004 by XX
I wanted a great controller for few PC games. The consoles has those great controllers. The PC ones is usually either great and $100+ or crappy. Also, console companies usually does pretty good research on how people likes or dislikes controller design. I loved Xbox so I had chosen Xbox controller. I'm not sure if you know this, but Xbox is basically a super-modded PC. Those controllers? USB devices. So you could use any device that connects to those Xbox controller ports on your PC, with ...
October 21, 2004 by XX
Few years ago, I started making skinnable programs. First of all were XXCalc. It started at forums of Skinz ( not current but much older version ). With the support from skinners there, I have improved it very much since the original version. XXCalc: Skinnable calculator. All the basic functions with ability to be skinned. Little later, I decided to try to make advanced XXCalc with more functions, but that version flopped because of very slow loading of skins ( vb.5 flaw with loading files...