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Published on January 28, 2006 By XX In Personal Computing
For some reason, each time I reboot my laptop, it reverts back to 800x600. I want to keep it at *edit* 1024x768.

DOH I meant 1024x768 and not 800x600.

on Jan 28, 2006

it reverts back to 800x600. I want to keep it at 800x600

This is confusing.

If you look in the BIOS settings, you may see an option under "Video" offering something like "Enhanced" display, which stretches any image to fit the screen if it is smaller than the display's native resolution. There should be some text explanation about the difference between having this enabled or not.

on Jan 29, 2006
I edited first post to fix my error.

It's still a problem, however.
on Jan 30, 2006
have you tried Corky O's suggestion?
on Jan 30, 2006


If you do not have LogonStudio installed, or any other Logon editor, then check the video settings in the BIOS (Video > Enhanced or Enlarge or similar).

If there is no setting, try setting the BIOS settings to "Default", or "Optimized" to see if the Logon goes back to full screen (assuming that 1024 x 768 is full screen).

If you have LogonStudio installed, you might try restoring the default logon screen.

on Jan 30, 2006
Hmm the login covers the entire screen, it's just set to 800x600 each time I reboot. I tried setting it back to 1024x768 again and again yet it keeps changing back to 800x600 each time I reboot.
on Jan 30, 2006
Sounds like a video driver/setting problem?

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on Jan 31, 2006
I just came aboard a couple of days ago. I've searched a long time for a logon engine that was easy to understand and has high quality. I'm having one problem I can't seem to fix. All my user account frames are way too large, and subsequently ruin my logon. Kinda like when you take a keepsake picture and someone is making faces at you behind the subject. I know you're going to tell me something simple, and then I'll start kicking myself for not seeing it.
OK, Cybers, what's the answer?

It's the perfect size when I'm in settup. But as soon as you click 'Save and Apply' it expands dramatically.