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Published on July 21, 2010 By XX In OS Customization

My most popular screensaver Ice Crystal have been updated, adding support for more OS, including windows 7 64 bit.

One other change is better dialog for settings.


I'm curious how much you guys like this screensaver.

on Jul 21, 2010

 One word...Incredible!  Quite possibly the most fun I've ever had watching a screen saver. It installed very easily and runs fine on Win7/64. Thanks for the update.

Minor nitpick: It does set itself as your current screen saver without asking. Imo, it would be better if that was a selectable option instead.

on Jul 21, 2010


Unfortunately its not a settable choice in screensaver developer. Sorry!

on Jul 21, 2010


Your Ice Crystal looks good ... I just DL'ed it.  looks really COOL

I don't really use Screen Savers  but I do use Dreams  and I think this would make a damn fine Dream.

just so you know I went to the main page and typed in Ice Crystal under Screen Savers and it is not coming up

only 2 come up Ice Crystals for IconPackager and Ice Crystal - Widescreen for LogonStudio

good thing you had a link to it. or I could have used your name to see your profile... to fine it


Can you do Dreams ? never mind just seen you do dreams PLEASE PLEASE make it a dream too!!!

Oh, ya and it says   Updated Jul 16, 2007 




on Jul 21, 2010



Unfortunately thats just not possible.

Dreams is done in videos. This is drawn live so will always result in different "crystal" each time. 

I suppose I could record screensaver and make dream, but it'll be static and repeating.

Yeah I orginially uploaded it then. It's not too big an upgrade so I didn't tick that reset date.

on Jul 21, 2010

Thanks for the update, XX. I had forgotten about this screensaver. It's a great one!

on Jul 26, 2010


I also missed it. Its my current screensaver once again.