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Published on January 20, 2008 By XX In OS Customization
I just finished rendering my animated wallpaper. It's in 4 multi-GB parts, in raw AVI format.

However, how can I properly convert it into MPEG using some freeware program? One I found sucks. Also, my movie is rendered in 15 FPS ( no option to change it.. argh! ) and I want to double it, and also make movie animate slowly. Right now, it's not only too fast, but it's also jerky due to low FPS.

Sorry about cross-posting, but since first one didn't get a reply, I thought that maybe this is more proper forum to ask in first place.

Basically what I want is to convert video from 15 to 30 FPS, AND slow video down at same time. Basically quadrupling video length then doubling FPS. However, I want to smooth the animation because right now it's bit too jerky.
on Jan 21, 2008
I'm not sure about free programs for converting your raw .avi into .mpeg...probably the best thing is to google it, then try the results....

As for converting to 30fps from 15fps, the only way to do this in a lossless way would be to double the speed, which is definitely what you don't want to do. Really your only option is to re-render the video in the format and fps you want. Video production is a very time consuming process, both your own and the cpu's...there is a fairly steep learning curve, so don't get disheartened...it is worth spending time to find out the way to achieve what you want, then your future projects will go smoothly. To get smooth slow-mo stuff, the most important thing is a high fps rate.

Good luck
on Jan 21, 2008
As it was, it took my computer 2 days to render a 2 minute-long video at 15 fps, and there doesn't seem to be any settings to change fps.

Oh well maybe I will render it in 8 minute long format, and render it in 1 minute long parts. I think it'll work out.

Doubling fps will change it into 30 fps 4 minute long video.