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Published on November 28, 2007 By XX In OS Customization
Wow. My Ice Crystal is finally overtaking Crystalized DesktopX object in terms of downloads. I would have thought that skin will be my #1 skin forever. People must really like my screensaver.

Any of you guys using either one of those?
on Nov 28, 2007
As this seemed to have got missed downloaded to have a look

Crystalized Desktopx object liked the CrystalizedDClock best as easy to read
found the cubes tend to go off screen but was neat having them spining.

Screensaver just works and is good to just sit and watch so If put to the vote I would go for your screensaver both are good but that edges it for me.


on Nov 28, 2007
No problem.

The spinning crystals should have moved to other side when it moves off screen. Is that the case for you?

Yeah sometimes I go for artistic reasons that may make it harder to read. I realized that someone might want an actual readable clock, so I made digital version. Btw, if you wanna even less readable date and time system, check out LineArtTimeDate DesktopX Object.