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I have this idea for a simple game, so here are the simple rules. If you like this, post that you will join. The ordering of posts will be important later. If you want to ask questions, post away.

The rules is not really fixed till second stage, so if you feel that there is a problem, post away.

Basically I will start off with a single picture. The next person will modify the picture while following rules. So this repeats till last person finishes it.

1: The picture should be largely modified, yet we should be able to notice in least some good traces of the previous picture in it.

2: No only little changes, such as simply changing color or adding something small to it.

3: No logos, company logos, names, any text at all on pictures from original picture from me to the very last picture, please.

Please notice that this is sign-up, not submission stage, so post if you want to have fun, but no pictures yet. I will go to next stage in a week or so, depending on number of sign-ups. How many authors should we have as maximum? I think 25.
on Jul 09, 2007
What about a disfigured image, and the prize (yes, a prize, I want a prize) goes to the person who can restore the image back closest to its original, unwarped/whatever image.
on Jul 10, 2007
Darn maybe nobody liked the idea.
on Jul 11, 2007
Maybe no body saw it yet?
on Jul 14, 2007