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Published on May 5, 2007 By XX In OS Customization
I have a problem with the DesktopX object I am working on. That is, Reminders.

I'm not sure what it should do behind reminding users on upcoming appointments.

Right now, it won't remind user if reminder time is empty.

Otherwise it will display an object on desktop and uses message box to remind user about the appointment. Then if it's not one-time appointment, it will sleep till next appointment date.

Will this work ok for you guys? Any ideas?
on May 07, 2007
I'm still stuck on this problem. Any suggestions?
on May 07, 2007
can anyone help XX please?
on May 07, 2007
I worked it out. I'm now beta testing reminders to make sure it works with all types of appts. Thanks, though.