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Published on April 3, 2007 By XX In OS Customization

This is final prototype. Everything works, other than reminder system.

There are still rough spots, such as no AM/PM support for deleting appointments form, but everything should work.

I am working on reminder system right now. I think it will simply spawn new object and the new object will work on its part of reminding you by itself. Makes scriping much simpler.
on Apr 03, 2007
How did it work for you guys?
on Apr 06, 2007
I guess it's working ok. It rotates correctly, it's saving the appointment file correctly. Navigation through the calendar is working.

Are you displaying the appointment file along with the words "No Message"?

I set an appointment for today at 18:25 and set a reminder for 0:05 (5 minutes before time?) Nothing happened. What was supposed to happen? I was expecting the words "No Message" to be replaced by the text I had designated as the comment.

If I set an appointment for tomorrow at 8:00am or 0800, have this app load at start up, will it give me the reminder or the message if it's 10:00am when I log on?

Personally I would like to see:

Tool tip showing the appointment text when I hover over future events.
Ability to edit events.

Pretty cool app you've got going here xx.
on Apr 06, 2007
Actually, "No Message" object is master for reminders. That prototype didn't have a working system for reminders. No Message will be hidden, and will spawn new ones based on appointments. It's kinda working now, but broken on two things, that is, it doesn't get removed when appointment is removed, and it doesn't work correctly. Also, the appointment object will be hidden. It's visible that time just so I can see what's going on.

The way reminder works, it will stay on desktop till you either delete the appointment or object itself. Also the appointments list will list it till next day, then it will start showing next days appointments, if any.

Actually it will have the same system as AppvtLinearCalendar on that. I just haven't started on it. Thanks for suggestion, though!

Hmm gonna think on editing events. Wouldn't just deleting an appointment and recreating it work?

on Apr 12, 2007
I tried deleting the appointment and then recreating it, but there was still no response when the time came for it to do something.
on Apr 13, 2007
Yeah the prototype doesn't have a working reminder yet.

I'm almost done with reminders on latest version on my computer.