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Published on August 12, 2006 By XX In Travel
Picture this in a couple of years:

You bought a ticket to your favorite vacation location! After spending about 3 hours packing clothes in those newfangled clear packs that's regulation-sized. You also had to make sure that there was no technology in those packs since they recently started bombing all bags with EMF to kill anything that has technology in packs now. You're dressed in cheap and junk clothes. Also, you're not wearing anything metal.

After arrival, your friend drops you off at drop-off point about a mile from airplane terminal. While walking, you wonder that only couple of years ago, they actually allowed cars to go all way up and even park in location. Now-days that's subject for humorists and bad jokes around here. Also, nobody that's not either a worker or customers that will actually fly are allowed in location.

When you arrive, you look around at everyone waiting in lines to door with sign "Privacy rooms". You drop boxes into special cargo automated loader. You're not allowed to touch your boxes from this point and on. The rooms stand in middle of very large room and looks very bulky with thick metal walls and very heavy door. Everyone in line are wearing junk clothes and looks like bums in line for soup. Eventually, you gets your turn at a privacy room. The room has an restroom as well as clothes change area and set of airplane clothes. It looks clean but it's like paper clothes at hospital. In least it's more comfortable. You use the restroom then change into those clothes. You throw junk clothes into bin that leads directly into burner, No recovery there. After the room detects that you are not wearing anything that come with you when you entered, and has used restroom, the door opens.

After waiting for your plane since you got to airplane lot so early that even after 6 hours of processes, you still has an entire hour to burn. There's nothing to do since they banned anything that can be used to hurt people a year ago. After the airplane arrives, you enter it after they double-check you by metal scanners. Remember when you could wear anything into those airplanes? After finding your small bed with tiny pillow and blanket, you wait for everyone else.

After everyone is seated, the airplane guards start giving pills to everyone in airplane other than pilots. Eventually, they get to you. They give you a pill. You take it, and start getting drowsy. They take your pulse and brain scan to make sure you're really asleep before going to next person.

You wake up at your favorite vacation resort hotel. I hope you enjoyed your airplane ride!

on Aug 12, 2006
After everyone is seated, the airplane guards start giving pills to everyone in airplane other than pilots


if the pilots don't take their pills, i'm not goin nowhere.

(there used to be a fairly powerful sedative marketed under the trade name halcion or halcyon. the doctor who prescribed it to me told me: don't take one of these pills unless you're in a place you'll be okay with losing consciousness about 15 minutes later and not regaining it for at least several hours. it was taken off the market after people who took it to sleep thru long flights began to complain of short-term memory loss
on Aug 12, 2006
King bee sounds similar to Rufees.