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Yes, I invented a time machine in order to do research on shaving.
Published on July 6, 2006 By XX In Humor
2010: 8 Vibrato-blades with nano-technology to take hair down to where it's never been at before.

2023: 20 VT (Very Tiny) Nano-blades that shape according to shape of your face for very smooth shave. It doesn't even need shaving cream anymore.

2031: New zero-blade technology! It's now just solid plate of nano-dissemblers that remove your hair for that baby skin feeling! Only $12,000 + liter of blood donation to blood center!

3216: Single blade makes a comeback for that old-fashioned shaving feeling!

on Jul 06, 2006
Very good! But you should have stopped in 2025: Gillette factory explodes, 5 killed, dozens injured as attempts to create the Gillette Century, the world's first 100 blade razor end in disaster.
on Jul 06, 2006
Techically, zero-blade one would be called 1,000,000 blades in form of nanomachines.
on Jul 06, 2006
3217:  I still have my beard and dont care about the blades (I got my own time machine! )
on Jul 06, 2006
Ja ja ja ja ja! Very, very good, XX.

I finally tried to use that Gillette five blade razor, just doesn't do it for me. I'm still good with the three. One's just not enough
on Jul 06, 2006
Wow, I'm already in 3216! I use an antique single blade razor made in Germany.

Funny article

on Jul 31, 2006
I'm glad you guys enjoyed this article!
on Aug 01, 2006
Yeah I stick to three. My fiance likes it therefore good enough for me.