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Published on April 7, 2006 By XX In Humor
I love the church near my home. I'm godless person. I am not believer of any kind of major or minor deity.

So.. why do I love this church? It's funny, that's why!

Someone always puts those funny messages that always crack me up. Note: Some isn't exactly, since it has been a while...

"It's easy to have a happy life. You just need some bad memories."
Yeah? I guess I'm not happy, since I have no seriously bad memories...

"You can get rid of bad habits. Just get new one."
Hmm I guess I'll have to stop smoking by starting to get drunk. (disclaimer, I don't drink or smoke.)

Today, there's new sign that says this:
"You can bury secrets but you can't keep it there."
It's annoying, really. The secrets keep coming back as undead...
Seriously, if only one person knows this secret and croaks, that secret is gone forever.

More coming, evenually...

on Apr 07, 2006
"It's time to turn, before you burn"